Friday, April 21, 2006

I came across a conversation along the lines :will google take to open space like a duck to water ?

Here was my yes, yes:
If you need examples of why google should not want to be left in the dark about open space, perhaps one need go no futrher than two of their product orbits:

the bloggers who most interest me hold a blog walk across countries which is convened in open space

those now trying to restore the web2.1 as the peoples medium are taking what they know for silicon valley on an open space roadtour next stop New Orleans!

alongside this if we are talking about under 30s as the net generation's cultural creatives, I have never met any of that clan which doesnt use open space

If any of the 3 of the above interest you, I can either give more details of what's it like to be at such experiences or introduce you by email to coordinators of such
It is hmm true that all of the above typically do open space in 2 to 3 hour formats (which isnt in my view the whole) but then you need to see how they are assuming that tyhey are building networks for those who want to play and open space is about one of 5 connecting components; others being blogs, or a club type guide of real cultural creative hubs across cities, or open-source type projects etc. So the open space is a continous tool looping through 4 or 5 other continuous playgrounds for seriously focusing innovation and transformation
cheerschris macrae