Monday, December 31, 2007

google of mount sustainability

compare how exec director of Larry Brilliant prioritises 4 most urgent world sustainability chalenges - minute 14 of this video - with our 23rd year of debating future history crises of the generation 1984-2024

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Will Climb Every Webworld Mountain Help 6 Billion Beings Collaborate in All the Cross-Cultural Dreams & Differences We Can Make?

My friends epicentred at The Economist of London 1 and explorative Americans (eg Maryland's Harrison Owen) and I have been open spacing "death of distance" dialogues circles since 1984 when our first book load of scripts on the the world's greatest revolution to hit a single generation 1984-2024 was published

Recent users of death of distance charters include the presidents men 1 2 (and women) and America's 2 greatest open space races : end petroleum addiction and do what you can so that youth loves exploring science as much as sports or media superstars

To end petroleum addiction, we will need to climb Ray Anderson's Mount Sustainability and have another cirle round our 1984 script on photosynthesis as the energy of 2000-2025
More fundamentally, the people will need other preneurial revolutions- as scripted in 1984, media's new networking connections will have revolutionary impacts for goodwill or badwill. The greatest revoltion ever to have hit one generation of humanity is mapped by system thinkers as compounding only one of 2 outcomes - exponetials that sustain growth for all or destroy more and more of the planet and its peoples. By 2024, the revolutionary legacy of globalisation will be spinning in ways that are unlikely to be turned round. This makes the mountains we climb today the most urgent work for what the consequences of open space races are. The hard collaborative work by people with deep context voices and the big visions capable of uniting humanity or turrning us against ourselves. Ironically, what will Google do at Mountain View is important -as well as world's number 1 public broadcaster BBC - especially to all of us transparency mapmakers 1 who connect with project30000, microfinance, the Gandhian 1 way of transparently linking up 2 million global villages so that diversity multiplies value wherever human relations or nature wave.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Mount sustainability needs collaboration across network boundaries -see all works by Ray Anderson (pic above is adapted from his Royal Society of Arts Presentation 2005); latest bookmarks mailed to our friends of Mount Sustainability include 1 2

Mount Transparency needs Open Maps

Mount Intangibles needs hi-trust (conflict resolving) governance as well as truly vaklue multiply visions linking up organsiations and communities to global markets

Mount Complexity needs grounding simplicity of Context